SINGAPORE: A number of Singaporeans have expressed a desire to donate towards the wellbeing and future of two small children, who have been left motherless after a neighborly dispute turned into a murder last week.

The 43-year-old woman, who was killed by her 75-year-old male neighbour, led a rough life, according to her family friends who spoke to 8World News while they were at the mourning hall to pay their last respects. The woman was a single mother raising her five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter, after her abusive husband abandoned the family some time ago.

Her children were placed in a foster home but the son was visiting his mother, in preparation for an eventual return to his own home, when the murder took place. The boy was injured in the attack and has since been released from the hospital after receiving treatment.

A group of friends, who went to school with the woman, raised money for her children but the woman’s siblings say that they want to deal with the funeral arrangements first before deciding what to do with donations.

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The woman’s sister told the Chinese daily that she has heard that some members of the public were interested in raising funds for her nephew and niece, but she doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle this at the moment as the family is deeply grieving while attending to the funeral matters.

The woman’s brother told the Channel that the little children visited the mourning hall on Tuesday (9 Jan) to pay their last respects to their mother. He added that his family’s situation is not good right now and he doesn’t want to talk more about it because he feels overcome with emotion when he talks about his sister.