Relationships Netizen asks, 'Do you send your dates home if you don't have...

Netizen asks, ‘Do you send your dates home if you don’t have a car?’

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Netizens say it depends on the situation. They see off their dates when they can't drop them home

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user asked other Singaporeans if they send their dates home even if they don’t have their very own car. u/psychedeliacy posted in r/askSingapore: “Do you send your dates home via MRT/Grab/Bus after meeting up with them for the first/second date?”

The user then added his dilemma in asking such a question.

“Also, if y’all live kinda far – say one on NE line and another on EW – and it’s the last train, would you make the effort to send her/him off via MRT and then grab home yourself?” he mentioned and proceeded to ask the reasons why.

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“If yes, why? Is it to make her/him safe? Spend more time? Interested etc.. If no, why not? Is it cus very weird/creepy? or not interested enough?” the user concluded.

Netizens shared their thoughts on the post and admitted that it mostly depends on the situation.

One user advised: “Really depends on the context. First dates? Usually no. I do send my gf back home after dates and we stay 1hr away from each other. Though if I have important work to do/ it is getting late she will tell me not to. In that case, I will just wait for her to board the train/ bus and ask her to text me when she is safely back home. Different people have different expectations so do communicate!!!”

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Another user remarked: “Can do it from time to time, not every time. Or else it creates an unrealistic expectation and a ridiculously high bar.”

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More users declared: “Depends on the time when I end the date? I’ll send her back if it ends late, like 10+pm when she reaches home after the date,” and “She stays 1hr+ away from my home. At most I wait for her to get on the train/bus then I go back on my own.”

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