A Singaporean Indian has taken to Facebook to air his grievance about racism he encountered here in Singapore.
Facebook user Vijayan Superamaniam, on 15 June (Wed) shared that the incident happened while he was on his way to work at Changi Airport. He said that he boarded the train at Pasir Ris and sat on a ‘non-reserved’ seat. Despite carrying a heavy backpack with an laptop in it, and another big plastic bag, Vijayan decided to give up his seat to a woman who was with a child.
The child who was about 5 years old, after sitting down looked at Vijayan and chuckled to her mother, “Mummy, Appu neh Neh, Black Black Man”. “Her mum grinned back at her with an agreeable expression,” Vijayan said.
Vijayan who describes himself as a “local breed Indian man who was born in KK hospital,, who grew up in the outskirts of Bendemeer Kampung”, wondered if this is what being “ONE PEOPLE,ONE NATION,ONE SINGAPORE” meant.
Others minorities who commented on Vijayan’s Facebook post said that they too have been subjected to such racist comments in the past.
Facebook user Paran Thechanamurthi said, “it’s something that most of us face ?, but sadly it has and will never be addressed.”
Another Facebook user Hardeep S Gill said.  “I’m a full pledge ‘Sardarji ‘ (Singh with turban and beard) been getting this kind disgusting attitude from all walks of people from years back till now .. Indian , Malay , Chinese n worst now .. Filiipinos …. But hey nothing is going to change me my culture and my appearance.”
Yet another, Yogeswari Chandrasekaran said, ” God bless you for your big heart machan. I experienced the same thing before. The kid who sat beside me called me Appunehneh. I wonder what are kids taught nowdays!”