Singapore City, Sustainable Trade Index

SINGAPORE: Singapore has clinched the coveted title of the world’s richest country, according to an index published by financial website Insider Monkey. The rankings use per capita gross domestic product (GDP) figures to measure the prosperity levels of nations worldwide.

With a per capita GDP of S$215,512, Singapore comfortably secured the top spot in this ranking, outstripping all other nations.

Singapore’s economic dominance is highlighted by a significant margin separating it from its closest competitors. Luxembourg claimed the second position with a per capita GDP of S$195,142.

Meanwhile, Qatar took the third spot with a per capita GDP of S$170,963. The fourth to tenth positions in the ranking were occupied by Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Norway, the United States, San Marino, and Brunei, respectively.

While these nations boasted impressive economic statistics, Singapore’s lead in per capita GDP made it the standout champion. The rankings underline Singapore’s remarkable economic might and exceptional financial standing in the global landscape.

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Insider Monkey’s report noted several key factors contributing to Singapore’s remarkable economic performance. First, it emphasized Singapore’s unique status as both a city and a country, a rarity in the global context.

Singapore’s strategic location in Southeast Asia has made it a vital transportation hub for a wide range of goods, including consumer electronics and commodities. This positioning has facilitated extensive trade and economic growth, firmly establishing Singapore as a regional economic powerhouse.

Another noteworthy aspect of Singapore’s economic landscape highlighted in the report is its reputation for having one of the largest populations of millionaires in the world. This affluence is underpinned by the nation’s low corruption rate, further cementing its status as an attractive destination for businesses and investors.