SINGAPORE: A French woman recently joined the viral trend of breaking down how everyday math is done in different places and cultures. In her rendition of “Singapore math,” she shared certain beliefs related to personal finance in Singapore.

The content creator Amandine, who started the TikTok account @new_to_singapore has managed to document her journey getting accustomed to her life in Singapore. In a recent video, she put her own spin on a viral “math trend”, which has people from all around the world sharing personal finance beliefs unique to their country and culture. Showing a more than surface-level understanding of the Singaporean mindset regarding finance, she shared a few examples of “Singapore math” in a video.

Singapore Math
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“Singapore math is like if you live in Singapore and you go to JB every weekend, the money that you spend there doesn’t count,” she said, again reiterating, “Singapore math.”

“S$0.05 for a plastic bag is too expensive, but because I reuse the plastic bag as a trash bag, I’m actually making money: Singapore math,” she added.

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Lastly, she said, “If I go eat at Hai Di Lao but I (take) the public transport to get there, it’s like getting a 50 per cent discount: Singapore math.”

The video, which lasted a mere 24 seconds, garnered more than 290,000 views in just two days.

Unsurprisingly, many Singaporeans took the comments section of Amandine’s video to add to her list of Singapore math examples.

One wrote, “Singapore math is like when you buy something and they give you a free gift, you didn’t waste any money, you got extra for free.”

“If I take extra ketchup and chili sauce and sugar in McDonalds, I get my value back,” said another.

One user found Amandine’s video on Singapore math impressive and said, “Someone give this girl her PR.”