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Shannen Doherty shared a distressing experience during her “Let’s Be Clear” podcast premiere, revealing that she learned about her husband’s affair just before undergoing brain tumour surgery. Recounting her divorce from Kurt Iswarienko while battling stage four cancer earlier in 2023, Doherty expressed discovering her marriage’s demise before her surgery.

Doherty disclosed that despite Iswarienko’s desire to support her during the surgery, she couldn’t bear his presence, feeling deeply betrayed after learning about the two-year affair. She expressed profound emotional distress, feeling unloved by someone she’d been devoted to for 14 years, even though she eventually underwent the surgery surrounded by her mother, brother, and close friend Chris in Iswarienko’s absence.

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Doherty filed for divorce in April

Although the surgery was successful, Doherty faced subsequent radiation therapy in her ongoing battle against the disease. The process of contemplating divorce amid health struggles proved challenging, leading her to file for divorce from Iswarienko in April, three months after their separation.

Despite the alleged infidelity, ending the marriage was difficult for Doherty, compounded by the emotional turmoil of her health situation. She struggled to reconcile her decision with the years of shared memories with Iswarienko.

Chose not to reveal woman’s identity

During this tumultuous period, she became fixated on unraveling the details of Iswarienko’s alleged betrayal, seeking honesty and closure despite the immense pain it caused her. Doherty claimed she spoke with the woman her husband allegedly had an affair with but chose not to reveal her identity.

Reflecting on her failed marriages prior to Iswarienko, Doherty expressed a sense of embarrassment and disappointment in her inability to sustain relationships. Despite this, she maintained her belief in love and took responsibility for some marriage issues but ultimately attributed the split to Iswarienko.

In a recent interview with People, Doherty echoed her openness to new relationships, highlighting the importance of personal closure and self-love before moving forward. There’s been no immediate response from Iswarienko’s representatives regarding these revelations.

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