The Singapore Democratic Party’s Dr Chee Soon Juan visited a unit in Bukit Batok that had caught fire on November 1. However, the SDP’s Secretary-general still remained unsatisfied as to the alleged lack of water in the fire hose reels when firefighters were trying to put out the blaze.

In a Facebook post on November 3, Dr Chee wrote that he “was told, however, that the Fire Hose Reel on the floor was not working (had no water) at the time of the fire even though the equipment is certified to have been inspected in Oct”. He also wrote to the SCDF to see if the allegations were true.

In another social media post yesterday, Dr Chee shared video footage of the Bukit Batok fire and pointed out that, “You can hear in the background someone shouting, “No water! No water!” You can see firefighters trying to get water on the 12th storey – the fire was on the 13th. Residents reported that there was also no water from the fire hose reel on the 13th storey”.

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He also explained that the SCDF “said that town councils are responsible for ensuring that fire safety equipment are in proper working order and that it is looking into the incident at BB. It has promised to issue a report”.

According to the SCDF, they responded to an alert regarding the fire at around 4.31 a.m.

“A man in his 60’s and another man in his 30’s were found standing on the ledge outside the kitchen’s window. A vast accumulation of items in the kitchen limited the working space for the firefighters. This, coupled with the two men being highly exhausted, prevented the firefighters from pulling them safely into the unit”.

They added that three casualties were then rushed to Singapore General Hospital for burn injuries and smoke inhalation.

The SCDF also added that the cause of the fire is under investigation. /TISG