SINGAPORE: In a heartwarming incident at Bendemeer Station, Assistant Station Manager Muhammad Farhan bin Mohammad of SBS Transit proved that kindness knows no bounds when he came to the rescue of a lost six-year-old girl, Gwen Tan, on her way to St. Margaret’s Primary School.

The morning started off with panic and fear for young Gwen as she lost sight of her elder sister amidst the bustling crowd at Bendemeer Station. With a destination in mind, Mattar Station, but not knowing how to reach her school from there, Gwen approached Assistant Station Manager Farhan for assistance.

Mr Farhan swiftly took action. He confirmed with Mattar MRT Station that St Margaret’s Primary School was nearby, but he didn’t stop there. Concerned about Gwen’s safety, he offered to accompany her to school.

Together, the pair embarked on a short ride to Mattar Station. Throughout the journey, Mr Farhan’s reassuring words and calming presence comforted Gwen, ensuring she would soon be reunited with her sister. Their journey, however, took an unexpected turn for the better when they coincidentally met Gwen’s teacher near the school premises.

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With a sense of relief, Mr Farhan handed Gwen over to her teacher, completing the mission to ensure Gwen’s safe arrival at school. This heartwarming act of kindness has won the hearts of Singaporeans online.

SBS Transit has commended Mr Farhan for going the extra mile to ensure the safety and well-being of a young passenger.

The transport operator said on Facebook: “Kudos to Farhan for exemplifying our CARES service and going the extra mile to ensure Gwen’s safe arrival at school! So, if you ever need help, don’t hesitate to approach our friendly station staff – they will assist you as best they can!”