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Say goodbye to iTunes as Apple plans to dissect the popular app into 3, more Apple updates to be released

Apple is moving into a new era by ending the popular portal and splitting it into three apps for the Mac – music, TV, and podcasts




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San Jose, California – On June 3 (Monday), will be unveiling updates that include the end of , the iPad replacing a PC, a unified app strategy, and better independence.

Apple Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and other leaders will be presenting the updates at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, beginning June 3.

The changes to be discussed, as reported by Bloomberg, involve Apple’s new generation of devices and software such as a more independent , more powerful iPads, a unified Apple app ecosystem, the end of iTunes, and health.

No more iTunes

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Apple users have relied on iTunes for the music, movies, TV shows, and podcast needs since 2001. Apple is moving into a new era by ending the popular portal and splitting it into three apps for the Mac – Music, TV, and Podcasts. In lieu of iTunes, users can manage their devices through the Music app.

The Apple Watch independence

It is the goal of the Apple Watch to become the next iPhone, and although it hasn’t reached this level yet, more attempts are being made to push for Watch independence from the iPhone.

Two years ago, cellular connectivity was introduced to the Watch. The next upgrade will be the watchOS 6, which will include an onboard App Store, new apps like a calculator and voice recorder, and new messaging features into the Watch.

iPad or PC?

Apple is taking heed of iPad Pro user feedback, that the software capabilities are still lagging behind a PC and plans to make the iPad even more powerful. Updates such as more multitasking features and home screen enhancements will be announced at the WWDC.

All apps working together as one

Last year’s release of the iPad versions of apps such as Apple’s News, Voice Memos, Home and Stocks on the Mac was the company’s first move towards a unified app strategy. Apple expects to roll out apps that could run on every Apple device.

“The transition might not be finished for a couple of years, but this is the strongest push Apple has made toward the unification of its two platforms,” said developer Steven Troughton-Smith. “Apple and developers can put more effort into one version of things instead of having to build everything twice.”


This year, Apple is highlighting health care through its products via a revamped Health app for iPhones, a more comprehensive menstrual cycle tracker, a new Sleep Mode for mobile devices, and better support for hearing aids.

Since Apple had already recently released its latest MacBook Pros, updated AirPods and new iPads and iPods, the chances of new gadgets being unveiled at the WWDC are slim.

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