Multiple Indonesian media outlets have reported that Indonesian actress Sandra Dewi is under scrutiny for purported involvement in corruption and misappropriation of funds alongside her husband, Harvey Moeis.

The country’s anti-corruption agency has lodged a complaint with the authorities, alleging that Sandra may have received funds from questionable sources related to her husband’s business ventures.

Penchant for purchasing luxury items

Authorities are urged to investigate Sandra’s awareness of the origins of her husband’s finances, especially considering her penchant for purchasing luxury items, including branded goods and a private jet, as disclosed by a representative of the concerned agency.

If convicted, Sandra could face a prison sentence of up to five years or a substantial fine of RP1 billion (RM298,003).

Earlier, authorities seized Sandra’s private jet and a luxury Rolls Royce car for investigative purposes. Harvey had presented both of them to her as gifts on previous birthdays.

Harvey was apprehended

Harvey, Sandra’s husband, was apprehended by authorities on March 27 on charges of corruption and financial misconduct within his company.

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Sandra Dewi, known as an Indonesian actress, businesswoman, and brand ambassador, is now embroiled in legal proceedings over allegations surrounding her husband’s business dealings.

Sandra Dewi was born on Aug 8, 1983, in Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia. She is best known for her acting roles in Indonesian films and television shows. She is married to Harvey Moeis, and they have two children.