Facebook user ‎Yeo Yen Leng yesterday (13 Nov) shared with Samsung Singapore a video clip of a smoking Samsung TV. She said that the TV started to smoke after she switched on the power supply. She said that given the recent cases of exploding Samsung devices, she dread to think what could have happened is she had left the TV on standby mode.

Samsung Singapore replied to the post and said:

“Customer safety remains our highest priority and we want to work with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to investigate the matter and support them. We had gotten in touch with the customer yesterday evening and worked with her to determine the cause of the incident. The customer was using a Samsung TV model : UA55ES6200MXXS which was purchased 4 years ago. Our initial findings show that the incident is likely to be caused by a worn component due to regular wear and tear. As we take our responsibility very seriously, we are conducting a thorough investigation. In the meantime, we will continue to provide our assistance to the customer.”

‎Yeo Yen Leng expressed that she was satisfied by the level of customer service provided by Samsung Singapore. They responded to her an hour after she complained.

Several other Facebook users said that they were surprised that a wear and tear of a component part would cause the TV to smoke.
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The ‘winning’ comment on the post must surely be Facebook user Conrad Yeo’s:

“Consumers need not to worry. This smoke is actually the latest technology brought to you by Samsung. It is called 4D effect (Visual and Smell). Samsung so innovative this year. Fireworks capable washing machine and mobile phone. Now even TV got special functions. Thumbs up!”