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Roy debate: Where is the sane, moderate voice?




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The loudest opinion on blogger Roy Ngerng is divided into two camps: Pro- Roy and anti-Roy.

It has been hard to find a sane, moderate voice. A Facebook post by National Solidarity Party’s Nicole Seah will hopefully take the debate to a reasoned  level.

She said that the whole affair is a result of an overreaction from all parties involved.

The Prime Minister’s reaction to sue Ngerng instead of engaging him in a debate is “condescending”. But Ngerng has conducted himself no better.

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“If the posts were indeed true, then by all means leave them there and defend them, but is there any ground to call the prime minister a criminal?” she asked.

Seah said that the drummed-up support for Ngerng “creates a false underdog martyrdom.”

“I know a lot of opposition parties and supporters are positioning this as a repression of the 99 per centin Singapore and a human rights issue.”

That is not the way to go about it, she felt.

“The crux of the matter really is: don’t make false and damaging claims that are unfounded and steeped inlies.”

Many of Ngerng’s supporters said they do not agree with all of Ngerng’s claims but defended his right to express himself.

Seah also said that Ngerng’s call for transparency in how CPF monies are managed is just one issue.

“The issue is with mismanaged expectations on how it has been allowed to be used for healthcare, housing,investment, among other things, when one has all these big-ticket expenses to fulfill and finite funds in the pocket.

“That’s another issue that takes into account housing prices, healthcare premiums and subsidies, and the like.”

Let more such voices be heard.

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