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Roy Ngerng to Minister Chan, stop paying yourselves high salaries while asking Singaporeans to accept little




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Addressing about 200 youth aged between 18 and 35 at a dialogue after a ministerial community visit to Geylang Serai, Minister in the Prime Minister’s office, Chan Chun Sing asked the participants if they will continue to stay in Singapore, if there were no jobs for them due to a deep downturn. If they would, then Singapore will survive to celebrate SG100 he suggested.
Responding to Mr Chan’s comment, Reform Party member Roy Ngerng said that the Minister “still doesn’t get it”. Mr Ng suggested that “it’s time the government stops being so materialistic, and start spending on Singaporeans to protect Singaporeans.”
We republish Mr Ng’s comment in full.

He still doesn’t get it. Singaporeans have no choice but to think of material concerns because of how the government has made Singapore to be.
Chan Chun Sing said: “Is your staying in Singapore conditional on certain factors, particularly material or otherwise? Is it contingent — I will stay in Singapore if the following conditions are met; if the following conditions are not met, I won’t stay in Singapore. (What if) somebody else can give you better, cheaper, cost of living? … If for the next 10 years, we have a serious recession and (it becomes) very difficult to find jobs, you cannot fulfil your aspirations, you cannot find the jobs that you like, will you still stay here?”
He asked Singaporeans if we will stay in Singapore, if it becomes very difficult to find jobs. Sure, then where are the unemployment benefits? When unemployed, Singaporeans still have to pay for expensive healthcare and education for their children, and high rents/mortgage – one of the most expensive in the world.
Will the government help Singaporeans by introducing unemployment benefits and reducing healthcare and education costs, and housing prices?
Chan Chun Sing also said: “If every one of us wants to take the maximum for ourselves, because we believe we are entitled to it, then we have a challenge. No matter how much resources we have, it will never be enough.”
Then the government should stop taking Singaporeans’ money to pay the maximum salaries for themselves – the highest in the world.
There is not enough because the government takes the maximum for (them) to keep while giving the minimum back to Singaporeans. What is he talking!
He asks Singaporeans not to think about material concerns but how does his government want to help, so that Singaporeans can be “forward-looking”? It’s all talk. Put the money where your mouth is, please. Singaporeans have no choice. Don’t preach to us when life is hard enough.
You don’t want Singaporeans to think about materialistic concerns, then maybe it’s time the government stops being so materialistic, and start spending on Singaporeans to protect Singaporeans.

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