Rosamund Pike made a stunning appearance at the Golden Globes wearing a vintage Dior gown adorned with lace and embellished netting, along with an unusual lace-fascinator by Philip Treacy featuring a gauzy veil.

However, Pike disclosed that the veil wasn’t just a fashion statement; it was a necessary accessory following a skiing accident during the Christmas holidays.

In a conversation with Variety on the red carpet, Pike humorously likened her ensemble to having a “weird funeral vibe” and explained the veil as a “protective veil” due to her recent skiing mishap.

Her face had been significantly injured on December 26th, prompting her to seek a solution before attending the Golden Globes on January 7th.

Photo: Instagram/Rosamund Pike

While Pike confirmed her facial recovery, she still required the protective layer. Surprisingly, she found herself embracing the unique look, stating that she “kind of fell in love with the look.”

Pike lost Golden Globe award to Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Nominated for her role as Lady Elspeth Catton in “Saltburn,” Pike lost the award to Da’Vine Joy Randolph from “The Holdovers.” Despite this, Pike’s character in “Saltburn,” known for delivering sharp and blunt remarks, particularly resonated with viewers.

Pike shared improvised lines, cut from the show, where her character addressed sensitive topics with stark honesty, showcasing Elspeth’s tactless yet memorable dialogue.

Reflecting on her portrayal of Elspeth, Pike acknowledged her surprising ability to embody the character, stating, “I wasn’t normally a great improviser, but with Elspeth, somehow, I could just sort of hear her. I knew who she was.”

Getting entangled with Natalie Portman

In other related news, Natalie Portman and Rosamund Pike faced a wardrobe mishap at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, as their dresses got entangled multiple times during the star-studded event.

Portman, in an embroidered Dior Haute Couture gown with a vibrant floral design, posted about the incident on her Instagram Story. She attended as a nominee for “May December,” a film inspired by Mary Kay Letourneau’s case, losing the award to Emma Stone, who dedicated it to her husband, Dave McCary. Pike, involved in the dress snag, featured in the story shared by Portman during the event.

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