Fellow Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis says Trump will cry fraud if he loses nominations in states like Iowa and New Hampshire. 

In a campaign rally in Concord, New Hampshire DeSantis said, “If Trump loses, he will say it’s stolen no matter what, absolutely.” Trump has much favour in Iowa which holds the Republican caucuses on Jan 15 and New Hampshire which holds it a week later. 

At the event DeSantis also said that Trump cried fraud when he lost the 2016 Iowa caucuses to U.S Senator Ted Cruz and he will likely complain if he loses this time around. “I think that’s to be expected, but I don’t think people are going buy it,” he said. 

Trump campaign’s spokesperson said that it appears that DeSantis had turned to conspiracy theories and Democrat talking points. 

Crying Fraud

DeSantis also lambasted Trump for not doing smaller events where voters can question him directly. 

“When was the last time he stood on a stage and just took questions from voters? How often has he been willing to go and really answer the tough questions?”, said DeSantis. 

DeSantis himself however is trailing far behind in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. 

Nikki Haley seems to be catching up with Trump in New Hampshire though he still has a lead. Voters see Haley as “likeable” and “reasonable”. 

In Iowa, Trump has a very strong lead as voters see him as a “strong leader” who “represents Iowa values”. More than half of the electorate there are part of the MAGA movement. The same cannot be said of New Hampshire which is a more moderate state.

According to the latest CBS News poll Haley is the top alternative to Trump. Among GOP voters, 29% say they would vote for Nikki Haley who is the former governor of South Carolina. That puts her at 15 points behind Trump. 

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