Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots and a former Columbia University student, has made a bold decision to withdraw his support for the university in light of the mistreatment of Jewish students and faculty during pro-Palestinian protests in New York City.

In a powerful statement issued through his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, Kraft expressed deep sadness at the growing hate on campus, stating that he no longer believes Columbia can adequately protect its students and staff. This decision puts pressure on the university, whose president is facing calls for resignation from members of Congress.

Kraft, a significant donor to Columbia, played a key role in establishing the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life with a multi-million-dollar donation. While he is willing to continue supporting the center, he emphasized the need for corrective action to be taken by the university as a whole.

Robert Kraft: “Going too far”

During an interview with CNN, Kraft referred to the current campus climate as going “too far” and highlighted the importance of accountability in the face of ongoing protests. An incident involving an Israeli professor being denied access to campus further solidified Kraft’s decision to retract his support.

“I hope that Columbia and its leadership will stand up to this hate by ending these protests immediately and will work to earn back the respect and trust of many of us who have lost faith in the institution,” Kraft wrote.

The situation at Columbia has attracted attention from politicians and led to more than 100 arrests of pro-Palestinian protesters on campus. The escalating conflict has polarized the campus community and prompted other prominent donors to cease their financial support to universities entangled in similar controversies.

Kraft’s withdrawal of support adds to the growing scrutiny of Columbia University’s handling of the situation, emphasizing the need for meaningful action to address the ongoing crisis.

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