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During a gag order hearing regarding former President Donald Trump, New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan displayed apparent frustration and impatience. The hearing aimed to assess whether Trump breached the “unconstitutional” gag order preventing him from discussing trial witnesses, counsel other than Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and court or district attorney staff. 

Merchan appeared lenient towards the prosecution but grew fiery when Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, argued against the order, demanding legal precedent. Blanche asserted that Trump’s repost on Truth Social didn’t breach the order, prompting Merchan’s exasperation. 

Despite Merchan’s insistence on substantive arguments, Blanche failed to satisfy the judge, leading Merchan to rebuke Blanche’s credibility. Ultimately, Merchan declined to rule on the gag order from the bench, highlighting the tense exchange’s gravity.

Trump’s gag order criticized by conservatives 

X users claim that this gag order is only for Trump to not expose the alleged corruption of those trying to place him in jail. Furthermore, critics are arguing that his witnesses are allowed to talk about him on podcasts and other social media platforms. They claim that this is ironic. 


In addition to this, conservatives claim that this is mere election interference. They add that the Democrats are not certain if they could win the 2024 elections, hence they’re inclined to place charges on the former President. However, these claims are currently alleged claims as there are no verified documents or statements proving this. 

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