One of the main topics usually raised by residents during house visits by political parties will be concerns on how to cope with the increasing cost of livelihood in Singapore, and that is exactly what the Singapore Democratic Party encountered during their recent rounds at Marsiling – Yew Tee GRC. 

The team which includes CEC members Francis Yong and Surayah Akbar, and Abdul Salim visited residents at Block 790 and 791 in the Limbang division currently held by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

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A resident, Madam Bai was pleased to meet the SDP members as she, “raised up a couple of issues and concerns like the ever-increasing cost of the COE and cost of living,” posted the party on their Facebook page.

She also hopes that members of parliament continue to speak up on this matter in parliament, as it is affecting every Singaporean.

Other residents also raised similar sentiments, as both Mr Quek and Ms Annie shared that the price of HDB flats now is ‘crazily expensive.’

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A poll conducted by Milieu Insight after this year’s National Day Rally by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong indicates that increased costs of living are still a big concern for many.

When it comes to the key concerns that Singapore is facing where respondents could indicate more than one choice, 90 per cent indicated an ‘increase in the cost of living’ while 47 per cent chose the ‘looming economic recession.’ 

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Salim continued with the house visit during the weekend on his own as he made his way to the Woodgrove division helmed by MP Hany Soh.

Some residents thought that the country was going to the ballot box again once they see political parties doing their walks in the neighbourhood.

“A few residents, like Mr Maran, Mr and Mrs Lim, thought that election is already here when they saw us,” said Salim.

“We told them that we are just doing our weekly house visits and that the election will only be called no later than November 2025. Mr Lim says that it’s good to start our preparation early.”

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