A Housing and Development Board (HDB) resident who opted out of the Home Improvement Programme (HIP), which helps flat owners deal with common maintenance problems, wondered if an upstairs leak was also his responsibility.

“My neighbour above opted in (for HIP), and after four months, there is a leakage in my common toilet,” said the resident in a Facebook page Complaint Singapore post on Thursday (Oct 6).

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The resident was informed by the HIP contractor that he has to bear the cost of the leakage because he opted out of the programme and signed all the undertakings.

“Why do I have to bear the responsibilities for the upstairs leakage,” he asked, fully aware that he would be responsible if it were a leak downstairs.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The concerned individual asked the online community for advice regarding similar situations for flat owners who opted out of the HIP.

Facebook user Ctsyah RithFitz said the same thing happened to her unit, where the upstairs toilet floor leaked and affected their toilet ceiling.

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After complaining to HDB, an officer investigated both units. “In the end, have to split bills with neighbour who have the leakage issue when at my side nothing was done at all.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Based on past cases mentioned by netizens, the resident wondered why he was being asked to pay the cost in full while others split the repairs. “Are they (HIP contractors) teaching me a lesson for opting out? I have to pay fully for leakage not caused by me. This is totally insane,” he added.

“If your ceiling leaks after your upstairs (neighbour) opt-in HIP, simply means that the HIP contractor upstairs did not do the proper waterproofing well after hacking the floor tiles of the upstairs toilet,” explained Facebook user Peter Tang, noting that the main objective of the HIP is to renew the waterproofing protection in older toilets.

He urged the homeowner to see his member of parliament and highlight the issue for resolution.

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Facebook user George Bcc also advised reaching out to HDB and the designated Town Council before the one-year warranty expires. /TISG

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

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