A Reditter who goes by the moniker of ‘MyWholeTeamsDead’ has revealed juicy but unverifiable cover-ups in the defective trains saga. The Reditter claimed that his news comes straight from an insider and that it cost him a prata supper and teh tarik to get the information. His post in Reddit is here: http://bit.ly/29qFmoZ.

The Reditter said that his main concerns were:

  1. Can we trust this Government when they go to this extent to do a cover up?
  2. Did Kawasaki pad the numbers in subsequent contacts to cover the cost of rebuilding the trains in contract 151A? Most commercial entities will logically do that when they know they are called to be involved in the coverup.
  3. Why were subsequent contracts awarded to the same consortium and thereby directly rewarding them for sub-standard products? I buy a car which turns out to be a lemon and I then buy a second car from the same dealer who gives me a 10% discount. So I have 2 cars when I only need one and I paid for both of them minus the 10% discount for the second. Does this make sense?
  4. When you have structural cracks both in the body and the bogie, how can LTA claim that safety is not issue? It is so bad and the integrity of the train build is such an issue that they will be completely stripped and disassembled and both the body and bogie will be manufactured from scratch. Does LTA statement makes sense?
  5. Should it not be time that the Auditor General steps in to carry out an thorough investigation on this entire debacle? Should this not be the subject of an independent board of inquiry?