Workers’ Party (WP) MP Raeesah Khan mingled with noted theatre professionals Alfian Sa’at, Ivan Heng and Siti Khalijah Zainal as she caught one of the last shows of W!LD RICE’s ‘An Actress Prepares’.

‘An Actress Prepares’ stars Siti, who plays herself, and follows her journey in theatre over the years. The play, which is scripted by Alfian Sa’at, projects the various challenges and experiences Siti faced throughout her life and career on the stage.

Ms Khan caught one of the last shows of the play alongside her husband on Sunday (21 Nov). Sharing photos of herself with Ms Siti, Mr Alfian and W!LD RICE’s founding artistic director Mr Ivan Heng, Ms Khan shared on social media that the play impacted her deeply.

Revealing that she laughed and even cried during the 90-minute show, Ms Khan recounted: “Fortunate to catch one of the few last shows of an Actress Prepares starring @siti__k. For an hour and a half, Kak Siti poured her life onto the stage, giving us front row seats to her journey to become who she is today.

“She made us laugh, cry, and laugh somemore. Her story reminds us that access to opportunity changes lives and that we should be working to break barriers to ensure that all of us are able to reach our full potential.”

The Sengkang GRC MP, who is known for championing minority rights, added: “Thankful for people like Siti and organizations like @wildricesg for ensuring that theatre becomes more accessible and for placing importance on a vibrant home-grown arts sector.”

Ms Khan’s post drew over 3,000 likes on Instagram. Ms Siti responded to her post with a trio of heart emojis while Mr Heng thanked Ms Khan for catching the play and for her kind words. WP chairman Sylvia Lim also responded to the post and commented that Ms Khan and Ms Siti look like clones of one another:

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