Singapore—As the country celebrates National Day with parades, floats and fireworks, Singapore’s newest political party, Progress Singapore Party (PSP) marked August 9th, Singapore’s 54th “birthday,” by welcoming its 540th member.

On its Facebook page, PSP posted photos of its members, clad in the red and white shirts bearing the party’s logo, celebrating with a cake wherein the words “Happy National Day” was written, with 5 lit candles in one row, and the 4 in another.

Two seventeen-year-olds were inducted into PSP, bringing the total of members to 540.

The post reads,

“Happy National Day everyone! We’ve another cause for celebration today – the induction of the 540th Member into the PSP family. 

Cheers, to Singapore and to progress. 

For country, for people!”

Heading the PSP is Dr Tan Cheng Bock, a former People’s Action Party (PAP) member who had served as a Member of Parliament from 1980 until 2006, when he stepped down during that year’s General Election. Five years later, he ran for President, but lost to Tony Tan by a mere 0.35% of the vote.

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Dr Tan, who practiced medicine for 50 years, has always been known to be his own man, and had been unafraid to stand according to his principles, which meant he went against ruling party PAP.

He first announced his return to the political arena in January of this year, when the PSP was formed.

At the launch of the PSP on Saturday August 3, one of the things he highlighted is the party’s plans for the youth, acting that they must be included in the “plan for progress,” beginning with lowering the voting age to 18.

Dr Tan said, “We want to see our young people filled with hope, purpose and well-connected to a country they feel rooted to. There is much they can give to Singapore. They must feel that they belong here, a sense of home. If you feel a stranger in your own home, or unwelcome, you will take your talent, your dreams – elsewhere. How can we engage our youth and show them they are valued, our precious resource?

To begin with, we must include them in our plan for progress, allow those 18 and above to vote in our general elections!

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At 18, they are old enough to drive, the girls enter university and the boys enter into National Service. Since they have a duty to defend our country, these 18-year-olds should also have the right to elect their leaders. They are mature enough to take on the responsibility of active citizenry, to understand policies and vote for the government they want. This is the voting age of most countries around the world, in all of the other ASEAN countries. We have heard it said that the young are apolitical, not interested. I have Not found this to be true, but of course it will mean more to them if they are a part of our democratic process.”/ TISG

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