Prince Harry’s return to the United Kingdom is set next week. The reason is the 10th anniversary celebration of the Invictus Games, the inspiring paralympic-style event he founded for wounded servicemen.

Will Meghan Markle accompany her husband on this poignant journey?

The announcement notably omitted any mention of the Duchess of Sussex, leaving royal watchers to ponder her absence. The Daily Beast has sprung into action, seeking clarification from the Sussexes’ office, but as of now, the mystery remains unsolved.

Prince Harry’s return

As the countdown begins, all eyes turn to the impending reunion between Harry and his estranged royal kin. Speculation runs rampant: will he cross paths with his father, King Charles, whose recent health scare drew Harry back to British soil in a heartbeat? While Harry’s olive branch may extend to Charles, whispers suggest tensions still linger with Queen Camilla, fueled by Harry’s past criticisms and his pointed refusal to sport a Coronation medal featuring her likeness.

And then there’s the frosty dynamic between Harry and his brother, Prince William, thrown into sharper relief by recent family crises. Reports swirl of William’s perceived betrayal, believing Harry “sold out” the family in his tell-all memoir, “Spare.”

Despite Harry’s alleged private outreach to William amid Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, cracks in their relationship seem to deepen, exacerbated by a lack of communication and mutual trust.

The timing of Harry’s homecoming couldn’t be more fraught, coinciding with fresh headlines dissecting his apparent snub of Charles by eschewing his Coronation medal during recent public appearances. Is this a subtle protest against Camilla’s role in his tumultuous family saga, as Harry’s scathing memoir hinted?

With the royal drama unfolding, one thing is certain — Harry’s return promises not only a celebration of resilience and triumph but also a poignant reminder of the fractures within Britain’s most famous family.

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