Popular Bookstore has removed a comic book which had caused a stir among some parents from its shelves. The bookstore decided to act after it received complaints that some of the contents in the book ‘My Bad Bromance’ was inappropriate for young children.

Facebook user Jasmine Chong was one person who highlighted the inappropriateness of the book. In sharing several pages of the comic, she said: “Parents please beware of this book. It’s available at Singapore and Malaysia Popular bookstore, but content not suitable for kids.”
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The book is the second in a Malaysian series ‘Bro Don’t Like That La Bro’. The bookstore said that book was meant for those aged 18 and above, and was categorised under the “Local Interest” category in the adults section.

In a statement issued today (13 Oct), Popular Bookstore said that it took immediate action (after noting the concerns) to ensure that the book has been removed from their shelves.

“In order to prevent those who do not meet the criterion from accessing the book, each copy comes with a warning label indicating its mature content,” a company spokesperson said.

Adding: “We understand the concerns of the public regarding the sale of the book in our stores. Popular takes any feedback from the public seriously and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The bookstore removed the books from its shelves on 12 Oct and promised to comply with any future advisories on appropriate retail measures.