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The controversy of the Colorado Supreme Court removing Donald Trump from the election ballots are angering conservatives across America. Many felt that this is an attack on democracy, and several others are attacking the Democrats for this action. However, liberals are more keen to see this happen as they are vehemently against Trump. 

According to Breitbart, renowned pollster Frank Luntz foresees a surge in Donald Trump’s popularity after the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove him from the state’s primary ballot. Luntz likened this ruling to Trump’s past legal entanglements, which notably boosted his poll numbers. He emphasized Trump’s tendency to thrive amidst negativity and legal challenges, predicting a rise in his polling figures.

Highlighting a recent poll showing Trump leading in crucial swing states, Luntz suggested that condemnation and prosecution elevate Trump’s appeal, making him more likely to surpass Biden in the upcoming election. 

This viewpoint follows the Colorado court’s unprecedented application of the Fourteenth Amendment’s “insurrection clause,” disqualifying Trump for alleged involvement in the January 6 insurrection.

X users feel President Biden is gaslighting Americans regarding the Trump situation 

President Biden made a statement on X saying that former President Trump is a threat to democracy. He then claims that Trump is interfering with the rights for Americans to vote and the country’s world standing. However, conservatives state that Biden is gaslighting the American people and alleges the President is undermining democracy to get his way. 

Furthermore, many are telling the President on X that he is unable to beat Trump in the next general elections. They are accusing Biden of trying to eliminate his opponent for a better chance of winning the Presidential elections. An X user states that he is removing the former President from the ballot because he (Biden) “can’t beat him (Trump). 

Democrats on the other hand state that the Republicans had not won the popular vote in quite a while. Regardless, the support for the Republicans seems stronger than the support for the Democrats in recent days. 

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