Singapore – Photos of snaking queues at IKEA’s cafeteria have gone viral on social media, with members from the online community noting Singaporeans were back to their regular hobby of queuing.

On Sunday (Oct 25), Facebook page All Singapore Stuff uploaded photos of the scene at the IKEA outlet at Tampines. The images show customers waiting in line to grab a meal at the in-house restaurant known for serving Swedish meatballs.

The post caption reads, “Ikea food got so nice meh? Queue until like that…like never eat before meatballs n chicken wings?? How to go to become phase 3 liddat?”

With over 340 comments, members from the online community got to sharing the various reasons why customers queue at IKEA outlets, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and government advise for the public to refrain from crowded areas.

Facebook user Liam Kiam Peng highlighted the current situation where Singaporeans couldn’t go overseas for tour or travel and had no other place to go. “Tampines has free parking, a canteen where you can sit for a long time with friends and family members like on a picnic, children got a play area, you can shop, eat and free aircon,” said Mr Lim. “All in one! Good deal, right?”

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Others noted it was rather comfortable to queue at the IKEA cafeteria due to the interesting crowds and pleasant surroundings. Facebook user Vinod De Lion admitted he was currently in the area and said, “I’m here, and it’s great.”

Meanwhile, a netizen noted it’s not so much as the food but the Singaporean favourite past time of queueing. The comment got almost a hundred likes as others shared the same sentiments.

However, a few concerned citizens mentioned the probability of the outlet becoming one of the places visited by a Covid-19 positive patient. “It just takes one case, one unfortunate weekend and it will blow out of proportion,” said Facebook user Zulfadli Zulkiffli. “Covid-19 is still around. Please maintain social distancing and exercise common sense,” urged another netizen.

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ByHana O