SINGAPORE: A man took to social media to look for the TADA driver who had taken him home in the early morning of New Year’s Day so that he could pay him for the ride as the app had problems.

Mr Shah Rizal wrote about the incident on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday (Jan 1), clarifying that his post was not a complaint but an appeal for help to look for the man who drove him home.

He had been picked up by the TADA driver at 3:40 that morning at 819 Tampines St 81 and was dropped off 496G Tampines Ave 9 at around 4:00 am.

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The vehicle was a silver grey Toyota Altis with a license plate that begins with SKW, but Mr Shah wrote that he cannot remember the full license plate number of the car and the driver’s name.

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“Apparently, Tada app was having some connectivity issues and app keep hanging. My payment to the driver was cancelled and only realised it when i got home after showering. Upon checking the app, no records were found,” he wrote.

“Sir, if you are here and happen to see this, please PM me. I would like to honour my payment to you as you did send me home. Thank you.”

He added a screenshot showing that his most recent ride appears not registered on TADA’s app.

The Independent Singapore (TISG) has contacted Mr Shah and the ride-hailing company.

Mr Shah told TISG that he called the TADA hotline to tell them what happened. He was informed that his comments would be escalated to the relevant team, who would contact him with the payment details.

As of Jan 2, however, he is still waiting for an update.

“The driver did a service of driving me home safely. And it’s unfortunate that the payment didn’t go through and only to realise when I’m already at home. If not, I would have made direct payment to him,” he told us.

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Kudos to Mr Shah for his honesty and desire to do the right thing. We hope that TADA finds the driver soon so he can get paid, especially since he worked on a holiday! /TISG

UPDATE: Jan 3, 2024

Mr Shah has returned to us with a happy update: “Hi, Tada has solved my issue. Payment has been made to the driver via the app.”

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