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PAP's secretary-general Lee Hsien Loong joins comrades in attacking Chee Soon Juan




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Secretary-general of the People’s Action Party, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, speaking to reporters after his early-morning walkabout today (Apr 30) at Bukit Batok with People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Murali Pillai, joined his party members in attacking Dr Chee Soon Juan.
In the video, Murali is seen standing behind Mr Lee and smiling a his party leader spoke.
Dr Chee is the candidate for Singapore Democratic Party in the Bukit Batok by-election.
The following is the transcript of Mr Lee’s doorstop interview:

“I think you have to look at the thing in total. I mean like what Grace Fu said yesterday at the rally, and I think she made a very good point. You have to look at the person. What has he got? The experience he’s got. What does he bring in terms of abilities – in terms of experience – in terms of proven track record – an in terms of character and commitment. And as Grace said, Murali’s commitment is without doubt.
Murali’s performance is beyond doubt. I think…the residents know, and I know him for a long time also.
Chee Soon Juan, actually I know him for a long time also. He has not been working full-time. And now he says I want to work full-time for you. I mean easy to say. but do you bring, which you will be able to contribute and show that you have room for us – the voters?
And it is partly your record, It is partly your ability. But it is also your character. So, last night I was watching the rallies on the live streaming. At the SDP rally all the speakers fired away at David Ong. And then came Chee Soon Juan at the end. And then Chee Soon Juan said, oh…you must not hit somebody who is down – that is very bad.
It is completely hypocritical. You get your guys to say all the bad things, you come along and you look magisterial, and benign and say, no you must not hit somebody, having called all your lieutenants to hit him as hard as they can. But unfortunately, it’s in character.
So, when I read the Wanbao interview with Dr Chee I was saddened but not surprised. Because he is not sorry for anything he did. He is not – he is proud of his record, he is proud of his craziness streak. And yet when he comes today, he presents himself as a changed man.
And he said last night at the rally, “even good people make mistakes and you must give them a second chance.” But before you can turn around and make good, you must first recognise that something has gone wrong. And then you have to put it right. Which in this case, if nothing has gone wrong, there is nothing to put right. Then how can you have cleared?
Which is why last year in the General Election, in one of my speeches I talked about Dr Chee and said that he is absolutely right. That character never changes and follow people. He should know that best.”

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