So the PAP overlords have decided to redraw electorate lines, yet again. Why are we not surprised they would resort to such cheap tricks. Perhaps it’s complacency in Singaporeans that this is all happening. It’s like being robbed in your own house, but you don’t have the guts to fight off the offender. I have to commend the PAP on their success in their ability to brain wash the majority, by making everyone fearful of what might happen if they do not toe the line. Tactics such as suing and jailing those who are vocal against the overlords. Tactics such as bankrupting their political opponents.

Now back to my point about the PAPigs redrawing electoral boundaries in order to suit their needs, and to disadvantage their WP and SDP opponents, amongst others. Put it simply, LHL, aka Kim Hsien Loong, is desperate. Without his daddy watching over his every move, he is like a king without protection from his queen in a chess game. Our supreme leader has shown signs of weakness by targeting the likes of Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee. His failures in other areas such as transportation are magnified because so many people are extremely unhappy about the influx of foreign talents, many of those with dubious educational certifications. Kim Hsien Loong knows the writing is on the wall. He knows that the Internet would be his greatest challenge in keeping the Singaporean herd in check. Unless he does what his cousin in North Korea has done by shutting out the Internet, he is preparing to embrace what would be eventual certainty of losing grip on power. Absolute power does corrupt.

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Singaporeans need to band together and overcome this cancerous growth known as the PAP. The little island cannot handle a future population of 6.9M, let alone that of 10M targeted by our supreme leader. Singaporean citizens need to act NOW! Not next year. Not 5 years from now. Whichever SRC or GRC you are in, please just do this: Vote for anyone other than the PAP candidates. Any monkey can do a better job than the incumbent PAP.

Please vote wisely in the upcoming election, my dear Singaporeans. The time is ripe indeed to put our supreme leader Kim Hsien Loong in his place.

National Slavery
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