Singapore — People’s Power Party (PPP) Secretary-General Goh Meng Seng has once again vehemently defended his belief in unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The opposition leader was most recently in the news for his involvement in a proposed opposition coalition between his party, the Reform Party, the Democratic Progressive Party and the Singaporeans First party.

In 2011, Mr Goh claimed that he saw a UFO in the year 2000 and said that this experience led him to develop a belief that “there exists a more advanced civilization somewhere which is alien to Earth”. He repeated his claims in 2018.

When there was a backlash against his views, he hit out at the detractors and labelled them “myopic and ignorant”. He added that his belief in UFOs was more credible than the religious beliefs of those who had never seen their gods.

In a Facebook post last Thursday (Jan 16), Mr Goh reiterated his belief in UFOs and vehemently defended his belief in the face of fresh criticism. He wrote on social media: “It is confirmed that I am NOT the First nor the Last politicians to believe in UFOs.

“In the lesser known history of UN, UN has discussed about forming committee to look into UFOs before. Their attempts might have not succeeded yet but there are several interesting testimonies from astronauts and such which indicated sightings of UFOs.

“Some politicians even regard UFO as the most important issue that we were facing during their time. When will a formal UFO disclosure comes? Maybe in my lifetime, maybe not. A 80,90 years lifespan is really peanuts in the timeline of the universe.”

When netizens criticised his views and asked him whether such beliefs would help him get elected, Mr Goh retorted: “I am not like somebody who will plot whole day whole night just to dream about getting elected … I have a life you know!

“The worse kind of people I know are those who will go crazy in doing all sorts of treacherous things just to fulfill their political ambition.”

In 2011, Mr Goh explained why he was a “UFO/alien believer”. Describing the UFO he claimed to have witnessed, the opposition politician added that he believed there were two types of UFOs — one type operated by real aliens, while the other was “human made, by some countries like America or Russia”:

“Ok, I shall tell you why I am UFO/alien believer. I have witnessed what I believe to be an UFO, an alien object back in 1999 because no human technology can explain or did what that object did. I have written about it back then on
“At a glance, it looks like a glowing white cloud floating in the air. It was oval in shape. It was floating just outside my windows. I was watching TV at that time.
“It caught my eyes because of its “glowing” nature and the way it moved, in a slow and steady movement which somehow looked “unnatural” to me. I tried to take a closer by moving to the window. Just a minute later, it just zipped and zoomed out of my sight within a blink of my eyes… I believe no human technology could make any object to move at such a great speed.
“Such image is still imprinted in my mind deeply. Just too bad I didn’t have any video camera back then to record the whole process. From then on, I always keep an open mind about UFO sightings. Some UFO sighting reports around the world coincide with my own witnessing experience … such objects just zip and zoom out of sight within seconds.
“Whether or not this news about the three gigantic spaceship is real, I really don’t know. Top travel from Earth to Pluto or Jupiter by a normal human space exploration crafts will take years… tens of years. If it takes only 2 years to reach Earth, it is already traveling at 20 times or more than human technology could do.
“Keep an open mind. In my opinion, there are two types of UFOs on Earth. Some are human made, by some countries like America or Russia. But these are the ones which could just fly at “normal” speed due to technological limitations. They may be in saucer shape, have the ability to hover around etc but do not have the technology of traveling at the speed of light. Those which could do that, most probably are alien types.”

He repeated his claims in November 2018 and said: “Back in 2000, I have seen an object masquerading as a cloud which was glowing and floating at a very slow speed. Before I could take out my camera to take a picture of it, it just zoomed away in extreme speed … astronomical speed, zipping through the evening sky.

“Such technology of speed is unknown to human civilization and that is why I believe there exists a more advanced civilization somewhere which is alien to Earth.”

When there was a backlash, Mr Goh compared his belief in UFOs to belief in religion and said his belief was “more credible” than religion. Lashing out that his detractors were myopic and ignorant, Mr Goh said:

“In this world, there are billions of people believing in religions without seeing their God, Goddess, Buddha, Angels or whatever supernatural beings but we hardly say anything silly about it. And yes, I am also one of the billions who believe in my religion with a leap of faith.
“But when I say I also believe aliens or UFOs exist because I have seen one with my own eyes before, camouflaging itself as a cloud but zipping off with a ultra supersonic speed, people start to say GMS has discredited himself blah blah!
“Well as far as I am concern, seeing is believing and my belief in the existence of alien UFO is much more credible than any religion which was believed by others who didn’t even see their God, Goddess, Buddha, Angels etc before!
“In all logical sense, how could a person who believe in exactly what he has seen be less credible than someone who believe in something that he didn’t even see before? Common sense and logic are really not common at all.
“Besides, the truth is, I repeated my consistent claim of my sighting when there is a recent report of a couple of pilots in Ireland who also witnessed UFOs which also flew in unbelievable speed!
“I am definitely not the only one who had seen such things zipping through our sky on Earth. It shows how myopic and ignorant people could be.”

“My belief in alien UFO is more credible than any religion which was believed by others who didn’t even see their God”: Opposition politician hits out at UFO sighting detractors