I refer to the article published on ST’s Forum page that opposition parties to work together. The thing is, opposition parties are not a uniformed block. Each party has its own philosophy and leadership.

Asking them to work together to defeat the Goliath is obvious. Looking at the recent developments like the exit of opposition members like Nicole Seah and Vincent Wijeysingha and the formation of new parties, it is obvious that there can’t be any unity in the opposition.

As the electorate, we need to make our choice – vote for the most credible opposition parties like WP and SPP. The new parties and the ones that have no presence in parliament need to work harder to gain traction with the people.

Democracy is all about choice. We need to allow the new parties to rise to the top. That’s includes older ones like SDP and NSP that have been labouring under the harsh onslaught by the late LKY.

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