Black voters

President Joe Biden addressed Black voters in a steering speech that denounced “white supremacy” as a corrosive force that continues to plague the nation. Despite his appeal, opposing views surfaced during the gathering.

He faced them at the historic Mother Emanuel AME Church on Monday, the site of a tragic 2015 mass shooting where nine Black Americans lost their lives to a white supremacist assailant.

Before Biden took the stage, Clyburn passionately highlighted the administration’s achievements on critical issues, rallying the predominantly Black audience by outlining what Biden has accomplished and the obstacles hindering further progress.

The President’s audience included survivors and families of the 2015 mass shooting victims, with Jean Ortiz, a survivor, describing Biden’s remarks as “outstanding.”

Tamara Curry, who has a diabetic family member impacted by the Affordable Care Act instituted during Biden’s vice presidency, found it “invigorating” to hear about the administration’s accomplishments.

Curry believes that although many promises have been fulfilled, an additional four years will provide the opportunity for further progress.

Opposing views from black voters

While the Biden campaign dismisses polls indicating a decline in approval from Black voters, some individuals expressed conflicting opinions on Biden, his rival Donald Trump, and the upcoming 2024 race.

Many emphasized that it’s too early to decide on their vote.

Jennifer James, acknowledging Biden’s commendable efforts, noted the impact of inflation on her budget. She expressed the hope that Biden will address concerns like affordable groceries and housing, as this would influence her decision to vote for him again.

Jarett Jones, however, plans to vote for former President Trump, citing a belief that Biden has not done enough for the American people or created ample opportunities.

Jamila Gadsden believes Biden has done his best under the circumstances. Looking ahead to the 2024 election, Gadsden expresses hope and optimism, trusting that the nation will make the right choice.

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