While shopping, beaches, art galleries, fashion week and hot springs are the top draws in other Asian countries for tourists, what is the top draw for tourists headed to the little red dot? Looks like gambling it is.

Facebook user Vincent Law shared a collage of several tourism related online advertisements for the various Asian countries, and Singapore particularly stands out from the rest, with gambling and Formula One races being listed as its top draw.

Vincent captioned his picture, “web advert for tourism and no surprise to see what Singapore is uniquely famous for.”

In its website, the Singapore Tourism Board has an entire page devoted to the Integrated Resorts (IR). Although STB does not particularly mention the casinos in the IRs, it says that the “IR are part of Singapore’s overall, comprehensive tourism strategy to enhance its destination appeal.”

“The IRs in Singapore are positioned as distinctive world-class developments with a comprehensive range of amenities such as hotels, convention facilities, entertainment shows, theme parks, luxury retail, and fine dining,” STB said.

Adding: “To ensure that the IRs continue to be an attractive and relevant piece of Singapore’s tourism landscape, STB works with both internal and external stakeholders to identify partnership opportunities presented by the IRs that can further strengthen Singapore’s proposition as a compelling tourism destination. STB adopts a whole-of-government approach in overseeing the IRs in Singapore together with other agencies.”