Coming June, H1-KEY is set to make a comeback!

The group gained international attention this year with their songs “Thinkin’ About You” and “Deeper” as part of their ‘H1-KEYnote’ project.


H1-KEY first captured significant attention with the title track “Rose Blossom” from their debut mini-album, released in January last year. This success is often referred to as the “miracle of a small company.”

The group hit a career-high with their first music show win for the title track “SEOUL” from their second mini-album, released in August of the same year.

Recently, they were named ambassadors for the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, highlighting their commitment to meaningful activities across various fields.

Notable success

“Rose Blossom” achieved notable success, ranking 17th and 40th on the 2023 annual streaming charts of Genie Music and Melon, respectively. Tracks like “SEOUL” and “Time to Shine” also gained popularity, maintaining steady chart positions.

Their quality music, including hits like “Rose Blossom,” “SEOUL,” “Time to Shine,” “Thinkin’ About You,” and “Deeper,” has generated high anticipation for their upcoming album.

H1-KEY’s new album will be available on June 19 at 6 pm on various music platforms.

The group, formed by Grandline Group (GLG) and Sony Music Korea, comprises four members: Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, and Yel. They debuted in January 2022 with the single album “Athletic Girl.”

Confidence and healthy beauty

Since their debut, they’ve released several songs, including “RUN” and their most recent tracks “Thinkin’ About You” and “Deeper” from their latest mini-album “Seoul Dreaming.”

The name H1-KEY is a play on “High Key,” reflecting their confidence and healthy beauty message.

The leader and vocalist of the group is Seoi. There were five members: Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, Yel and Sitala. In May 2022, Sitala left, and Hwiseo replaced her in June 2022.