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American conservatives are constantly coming up with points that place DEI in a negative light. The sentiment towards DEI is that less qualified people are given the role on the basis of racial background. Furthermore, this discussion is amplified after a Virgin Atlantic flight was canceled due to some bolts missing from their engine. 

The New York Post states, a Virgin Atlantic flight headed for New York faced a last-minute cancellation at Manchester Airport when a passenger, Phil Hardy, observed missing screws from the plane’s wing during a safety briefing. Hardy alerted the cabin crew, prompting engineers to conduct immediate maintenance checks on the Airbus A330 aircraft. 

Footage captured by Hardy showed engineers addressing the issue with a screwdriver. Although Virgin and Airbus assured there was no impact on safety, Hardy’s concerns heightened given recent aviation incidents. 

Virgin defended the cancellation, stating it allowed time for precautionary maintenance, emphasizing customer and crew safety. Hardy and his partner eventually reached New York on a rebooked flight.

Conservative Americans pointing out that DEI is a failure and may actually cause harm 

An X user states that everything “woke” turns bad. Following that, this is a popular sentiment among X users as they noticed a drop in aviation safety this year. Ironically, during the increment of accidents and incidents, these corporations are having their diversity agenda on full blast. 


Liberals are asking how this incident even relates to DEI? Conservatives respond saying that their respective countries have implemented similar rules to DEI. However, once this was implemented, more qualified individuals were turned away in order to fill up a “diversity” quota. This is literal discrimination said the X user. 


Others state that the aviation industry should focus on actual safety inspections rather than solely prioritizing on having a diverse staff. There are several memes regarding the situation which are inappropriate to certain individuals. 

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