The NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU) released a statement yesterday (31 Jul) in which it admitted that it is just as powerful and effective as the labour union here. In its statement NUSSU said:

“In light of the recent suspension of student-organised freshmen activities, which were effected without the consultation of the Union, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the dedicated student volunteers who have sacrificed their time and holidays to plan for the various orientation activities for the freshmen of AY2016/17.”

By saying that, NUSSU effectively admitted failing to speak up for the student body it is supposed to represent.

Do you think that our labour unions are not that bad? Here is what champion of retrenched PMETs in Singapore, Gilbert Goh President of Transitioning, said about them:

“Many Singaporeans are unhappy with the current state of our unions and especially NTUC which is our lead union. Not only are our unions toothless but they also give our country a bad image on our labour rights here and many have spoken to me about the formation of a private union entirely untampered by politics…Singaporeans have struggled with poor labour laws for the past few decades and our tripartite movement, despite all the good words pump in by government officers, has clearly fail the workers.”