SINGAPORE: The National University of Singapore (NUS) has released a report revealing eight cases of indecent assault that have come to light in the first half of this year. Among these cases, three involved indecent assault, leading to the expulsion of a student, while one complaint implicated a university staff member.

All eight cases have been reported to the police as the institution seeks to reaffirm its zero-tolerance policy for indecent assault to maintain a safe environment for its students and staff.

First Complaint: Jan 25
The initial complaint received by NUS involved a student who was alleged to have raped a member of the public outside the school premises. However, the university did not take any further action on this case due to insufficient evidence.

Second Complaint: Jan 31
Just six days later, NUS received another complaint concerning a student accused of raping another person within the dormitory. The university promptly issued a no-contact order and expelled the student. The student is currently appealing this decision.

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Third Complaint: Feb 13
On Feb 13, a complaint was filed against a student for inappropriately touching another person without their consent outside the school. The university’s disciplinary committee responded by suspending the student for two semesters, banning them from all university campuses during the suspension, and mandating 120 hours of community service sanctions and mandatory counselling. Additionally, the student has been permanently banned from campus housing for the remainder of the semester.

Fourth Complaint: February (exact date not provided)
During the same month, another complaint was lodged against a student for inappropriately touching another person within a dormitory without their consent. The case is currently under review by the University Disciplinary Committee, and the student has been issued a no-contact order.

Fifth and Sixth Complaints: April and June 19
In April, a student faced allegations of non-consensual filming during an intimate encounter outside school. Additionally, in June, the same student was accused of attempting to act inappropriately on another person outside the school and retaining intimate photos and videos without consent. No-contact orders have been issued in both cases, and investigations and hearings are ongoing.

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Seventh Complaint: May (exact date not provided)
In May, a student was accused of posting intimate photos online without the other person’s consent. As a result, the student was suspended for four semesters and required to complete 120 hours of community service sanctions and mandatory counselling. The suspension also entails a prohibition from entering campus premises and housing upon their return.

Eighth Complaint Involving Staff (exact date not provided)
Regarding the complaint involving a staff member, NUS stated that no further action was taken after the investigation was concluded. The staff member, who had no teaching duties and was engaged in administrative work, was alleged to have inappropriately touched another person several years ago. However, the case could not be filed due to limited facts and evidence.

NUS has indicated that it remains committed to addressing issues of indecent assaults promptly and diligently.