An NTU-student is appealing for urgent information on an accident in which his mother was severely injured. The accident happened on 17 Sep at about 10 – 11 am near Block 531 in Pasir Ris Drive 6. The student Wilson writing in his Facebook said that his mother was riding a red bicycle when the accident happened and that he does not know where her bicycle is now.

He further said that it is unclear what happened but that his mother was hit by a person riding an e-scooter/bike. The person who knocked down his mother took her to the Changi General Hospital. But he disappeared without leaving his contact details behind.

The injured woman went through a 6-hour surgery on the same day to remove the blood clot at the back of the head, and on 18 Sep, her condition turned for the worse as fluid started to build up in her head. This caused a swell that pressed onto her brain, leading to dangerously low blood pressure levels.

The woman underwent another surgery then to drain the fluids in her head by inserting an artificial tube into her brain cavity. Her condition has stabilised but she is still in the intensive care unit.

Wilson appealed: “If you know anything about the accident or seen a random red mountain bicycle that is unlocked or damaged around the Pasir Ris neighbourhood, please contact me at 94898253 or Facebook message me.”

And added: “Or, if you know of anybody who owns an E-Scooter/Bike that might be the culprit, please tell him/her to drop his/her cowardly act and be responsible for the situation and my mother. Not just for my mother but for everyone else who is sharing the same road as you as you ride your E-Scooter/Bike!”