SINGAPORE: A full-time National Serviceman (NSF) shared on social media that he often gets stared at and receives judgmental looks whenever he takes a seat on a bus or the MRT.

He wonders if there’s some unwritten rule forbidding NSFs from sitting during their commutes. “Are nsf allowed to sit on public transport?” he asked on r/NationalServiceSG on Tuesday (April 8).

“I book in and out in uniform because change into civi so mafan, also excused stay in so I book in out everyday, when i sit on bus or mrt some ppl will stare and give me the looks.”

He also expressed concerns about potential repercussions if someone, especially a “Karen,” takes photos of him and complains to his unit. “Will i get charged or not? Because I book in out everyday its a lot riskier for me.”

“Just sit. But if you see someone who needs the seat more than you do, it wouldn’t hurt to give it up”

In the comments section, Singaporean Redditors assured the NSF that it was okay to have a seat and that there were no rules that would forbid them to do so, especially since they paid for it.

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However, they also stressed the importance of being considerate by giving up seats when someone else needs them more, like elderly folks or pregnant women.

Moreover, they also had a smart suggestion: avoid wearing the uniform unless absolutely necessary. This way, he can dodge any unnecessary attention or misunderstandings from strangers or “karens.”

One Redditor said, “The short answer is can. Just not be dumb enough to sit on reserved seat can liao. and also, have u not in yr entire life see anyone in army uniform sit on MRT and buses?

ppl likes to see NSF as a pushover because one small complaint can get us into trouble. But as long as u know you’re not violating any rules, there’s nothing they can do.”

While another added, “Just sit. But if you see someone who needs the seat more than you do, it wouldn’t hurt to give it up. Not because you’re in uniform, but because it doesn’t hurt to be kind to each other.”

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Others, meanwhile, criticized those people who purposely stare at the NSF whenever they sit just to make them feel bad. One Redditor said, “It’s sad that our boys who serve have to think this way. If they complain, remind them who’s defending them.”

Furthermore, based on personal experience, one individual advised the NSF not to appear unsure or vulnerable, as “Karen” types are less likely to confront someone who appears tough and confident.

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