A Norwegian national, Gregersen Tommy, pleaded guilty on May, 18, Friday, to the charge of outraging the modesty of a woman. The 24-year-old woman was molested Mr. Tommy on August 11, 2017, while she was intoxicated. 

Due to legal considerations, the woman has not been named.

Mr. Tommy may receive a jail sentence of up to two years, a fine, caning or any combination of the three penalties. He is due back in court on May 25.

The incident occurred outside a club in Clarke Quay. Mr. Tommy made the pretense of helping and comforting the intoxicated young woman, but had, in actuality, been molesting her for several minutes. He only stopped when the young woman’s cousin arrived to help her. The cousin pulled the woman away from Mr. Tommy’s grasp and took her home.

Mr. Tommy, age 49, was at that time in Singapore for work. 

On the night of August 11 he had gone to several night spots for dancing and drinking. 

The young woman had been to a club with friends earlier that night called Zouk, located at River Valley Road. Because she had been drinking and felt nauseated, she stepped out of Zouk alone, according to Marshall Lim, the Deputy Public Prosecutor.

She rested on a bench outside, and then was approached by Mr. Tommy. After she suffered a bout of nausea, they sat on another bench together. It was then that the young woman’s cousin called her. Mr. Tommy answered the phone and told the cousin the whereabouts of the young woman.

Pretending to comfort the young woman, Mr. Tommy first patted her on the back, and then, as she was unresponsive, he put his hand under her shirt, undid her brassiere, and fondled her. Later on he also fondled her private parts.

By this time the woman was fully unresponsive, with her head hanging low. 

Fortunately the young woman’s cousin arrived shortly afterwards to bring her cousin home. Upon spying her cousin with Mr. Tommy, she immediately pulled her cousin from him.