The following is a letter by a reader, Salim.

Someone posted a bold comment about riding motorcycles in Singapore and related it to the recent BKE accident. In the post he criticised riders, saying riding motorcycles was a form of cheap transport. In the post he also said that most riders here in Singapore are Malays and asked all riders to take care.

Who does this guy think he is? How can he insinuate that all bikers are a ‘pain in the ass’ and that most of them are Malays?

People may choose to ride motorcycles as a hobby and may want to spend money modifying their bikes too. Why does he have to mention one race when he is talking about bikers in Singapore? He has no right to criticise motorbike riders in Singapore in such a manner.


I have been a rider in Singapore for close to 10 years now. I have ridden small bikes to big ones, so I know how it feels to be a biker here. I use my bike to work – do despatch and sometimes delivery too. As a Singaporean Malay rider, i really feel offended and angry.