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The irony of the entire situation is that the great state of Texas, a state that is vehemently against having illegal immigrants in America is now practically forced to keep them in their state. This is after “sanctuary cities” like New York claiming that they are unable to upkeep with the number of migrants coming in. 

CBS News states, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City counters Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s asylum seeker bus plan with a $708 million lawsuit against 17 bus companies. Adams aims to recoup costs for sheltering asylum seekers, accusing the companies of dumping migrants in NYC without support. 

The suit calls out Abbott’s political ploy, labeling it inhumane and costly. Adams seeks regional support, engaging New Jersey and Connecticut governors. He aims to halt Abbott’s moves after buses targeted NJ stations en route to NYC, circumventing an order limiting arrivals.

According to Brietbart, Mayor Eric Adams asserts NYC faces a space crisis due to 160,000 arrivals since spring 2022. Despite this, the city offers free hotel rooms to newcomers. Adams warns of impending street sleeping if the immigration flow persists. 

He’s legally bound by sanctuary policies, unable to revoke them or involve ICE. Pressed about the aid provided, he suggests focusing on basic support. 

X users react to New York suing bus companies for sending illegal migrants to their city 

Conservatives are stating the irony of New York as they were the ones pushing for this very idea. Ironically, when the illegals are sent to their city in droves, despite being called a sanctuary city, they’re unhappy. Conservatives feel that they should in fact be happy as this is what they wanted all along. 

Others state that the bus companies should not be having lawsuits against them as these illegal migrants were allowed into the country to begin with. X users state that Mayor Adams should sue President Biden instead as his administration is allegedly encouraging mass migration of illegals in to the United States. 

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