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The woke-fication of classics like Star Wars and superhero movies have caused the sales for these movies to drop. Furthermore, those interested in these sorts of action films are generally not the female audience. However, it seems the woke agenda is trying to force their users to watch these “positivity” vibe movies.  

According to the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, former Daily Wire Editor, condemns Star Wars’ trajectory under Disney’s Kathleen Kennedy, criticising the upcoming female-directed film as another addition to Disney’s “woke universe.” Shapiro, an ardent Star Wars fan, praised Dave Filoni’s work but accused Kennedy of destroying the series by handing it over to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. 

He questioned Obaid-Chinoy’s credentials, highlighting her feminist documentaries unrelated to Star Wars. Shapiro lambasted Disney’s treatment of beloved characters, calling the new director’s appointment for a Rey-focused movie nonsensical. 

An example can be seen where Disney lost an approximate $900 million for releasing a couple of woke films. Forbes state, conservatives claim the franchise is doomed, attributing Disney’s potential financial loss to woke themes. Criticism towards inclusive films like “The Little Mermaid” and “Barbie” clashes with their box office success. They claim the franchise is doomed, attributing Disney’s potential financial loss to woke themes.

X users react to new woke Star Wars movie 

X users state that this is most likely to be a disastrous film, and the fact that studios have not learnt their lessons after the number of flops that came out in 2023. Furthermore, users feel that this is an agenda being pushed rather than to promote positivity and inclusivity. 


Following that, conservatives are already discussing the plot of the entire movie as they feel it’s predictable. They state that male jedis will “mansplain” all their female counterparts. They add that the movie would then discover that the female jedis will actually be stronger than their male counterparts. 

Others state that Disney will continue on dropping in the stock market as they appear to be stubborn with the woke movies. Conservatives claim that other companies have long recovered from the Covid-19 lockdowns, but Disney still appears to be suffering. 

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