SINGAPORE: Singapore’s workplaces are the most stressful in Southeast Asia, according to a new survey by Jobstreet and JobsDB.

The report, which examined the organizational stress levels across the region, revealed that companies in Singapore experience an average stress level of 5.5 out of 10.

This figure exceeds the regional average of 5.2 and places Singapore ahead of other high-stress nations like Malaysia and the Philippines, which reported average stress levels of 5.4 and 5.3, respectively.

The ‘Southeast Asia’s Hiring, Compensation, and Benefits Report 2024’ highlights that a significant portion of Singaporean firms (76%) rated their workplace stress as “moderate.”

Meanwhile, 16% described their work environment as “highly stressful,” and only 9% categorized their workplaces as “low-stress.”

To manage stress levels, many Singaporean companies have implemented various strategies, including employee engagement activities aimed at improving morale and reducing stress.

Despite these efforts, heavy workloads (37%), high pressure from management (27%), and limited career development opportunities (23%) emerged as the primary stressors for employees across the region.

The survey also shed light on the current state of Singapore’s job market. Optimism among employers about hiring in the second half of 2024 has diminished, with only 32% of respondents expecting an uptick in recruitment activity.

This is a notable decline from the 45% who anticipated increased hiring in the first half of the year.

Nonetheless, 49% of companies plan to increase their permanent staff over the next six months, while 45% intend to maintain their current workforce.

The report drew on responses from 3,750 companies across five Southeast Asian countries, with 673 from Singapore.

The comprehensive survey offers valuable insights into the evolving employment landscape in the region, particularly highlighting the unique challenges faced by Singaporean firms. /TISG