Singapore — A bank customer who withdrew some money from an ATM was surprised to receive torn bills and asked the online community if the damaged notes could be returned to the bank.

“Anybody come across this problem?” asked Facebook user Beehoon Wang on Wednesday (Feb 16).

He attached a photo of four S$10 bills. According to Mr Wang, he withdrew the amount from an ATM, but two of the paper bills came out torn.

Photo: FB screengrab/Beehoon Wang

“Can’t be used due to the corner was gone,” he noted, asking if the money could be returned to the bank.

With over 100 comments to date, members from the online community confirmed that it was possible to return such notes to the bank.

“As long as the number is visible, can exchange but need to wait several days as bank will send the note to MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) to verify. I’d experienced S$50 note picture faded after washing with soap, luckily number is still visible,” said a Facebook user.

Another netizen said that her banknotes were in worse condition and still accepted by the bank for replacement. “My dog chewed my S$50 note to pieces, I picked it all up and pieced it back together at the bank, and it was replaced on the spot. Bank teller was amused.”

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Other netizens advised depositing the notes bank into the ATM or using them to top up an Ezlink card.

“Under the Currency Act (Cap. 69), mutilated currency notes and coins command no value. No person is entitled to recover from MAS the value of any mutilated currency note or coin,” noted MAS on its website.

However, MAS may award value for a mutilated currency note or coin provided there is no evidence suggesting that the currency note or coin has been willfully or deliberately mutilated.

Members of the public can deposit mutilated notes or coins at their commercial bank.

“If you have problems getting the mutilated notes and coins accepted by the commercial bank, please take down the name of the bank, bank branch, counter staff name, date and time of visit and send the details to,” added MAS. /TISG


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