Home News Netizen: Man who posed as landlord assaulted my wife and child

Netizen: Man who posed as landlord assaulted my wife and child

The imposter allegedly attacked both the woman and her 3 year old baby, shoving them and biting the woman on her arm




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Singapore—A man named Don Tan took to Facebook on Wednesday (Dec 2) to write about the assault his wife and toddler suffered at the hands of someone who had posed as the landlord of the office he had rented at Midview City.

As it turned out, the ‘landlord’ was an imposter who had illegally sub-letted the office space to Mr Tan and his partner.

Mr Tan claimed that the ‘landlord’ bit his wife and pushed her while she was carrying their three-year-old son, which caused her to seek medical treatment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a fractured ankle and other injuries.

He posted photos of the ‘landlord,’ as well a video clip of a man pushing around a woman caring a small child in her arms. In the clip, a woman attempts to prevent a man from entering a unit and screams ‘get out’ repeatedly as he forced his way in.

However, Mr Tan also said that the ‘landlord’ had later broken into their office unit and stole the SD card from the surveillance camera where the assault on his wife had been recorded.

And since a person cannot be arrested for the offence of “voluntarily causing hurt,” the ‘landlord’ remains at large, much to Mr Tan’s frustration.

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The fake landlord had told them that he owned 16 units in the building where they rented the office, as well as four businesses. However, they found it strange that the man was always wearing the same T-shirt and shorts, and that he would come and go to the office space as he pleased, even without them knowing about it.

However, they thought this was a normal practice, as landlords own their units.

To their surprise, the real owner of the office unit appeared one day, bearing the documents that proved that he was the rightful owner. The man who had posed as the landlord had breached his contract, causing it to get terminated.

Therefore, Mr Tan and his partner then signed a tenant agreement with the rightful owner of the unit.

But their troubles did not end there. The fake ‘landlord’ proceeded to call and send messages to Mr Tan and his partner that contained lies about the real owner, Mr Tan wrote, which they ignored.

On Nov 21, Mr Tan left his wife and child alone at the office unit for a while, calling it “the BIGGEST mistake I ever made.”

This ‘Landlord’ trespassed my unit and attacked my wife. He kept shoving both of my wife and son over and caused them to fall. And he bit my wife too.
On top of that, he was not wearing a mask.
My wife was carrying my small 3 year old son. How can you do that to a mother and a baby?
My traumatised wife has suffered a fracture toe, bruises, abrasions and a bite mark on her arm.”

And although a police report has been filed against the ‘landlord,’ the case is still pending.

And to make matters worse, the man then targeted the office unit.

“He broke into our unit again and stole our SD card from our surveillance camera which contains the footage of him assaulting my wife.

He also vandalised our unit by breaking our newly installed lock and installing his own, and drilling a hole in the wall.

He then barricaded the entrance with his junk,” added Mr Tan, who claims that they have not been allowed to enter the unit, and that they must “go to civil court to settle this issue.”

Mr Tan did not give the full name of the ‘landlord,’ but said he goes by aliases including “Danny and Joshua.”

“I believe we are not the only one that is tolerating this “Landlord”. He rented many units and “subletted” to many tenants without the owner’s knowledge.

If you are one of them, see for yourself and know who you are dealing with,” he wrote. -/TISG

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