Singapore—Amid the various housing developments being built around the country, there are people who still refuse to let go of the property they own, even if they may earn millions from the sale.

One such person is a hawker named Mr Goh, who lives in a property in Geylang with his sister, and whose story was recently told in Chinese news daily Lianhe Wanbao.

Mr Goh, who lives at the junction of Guillemard Road and Lane 28 in Geylang, is a 60-year-old hawker. His mother, who passed away, bought the property.

No matter how much money he is offered, he says he will never sell it.

At this point, however, surrounding his home are two multilevel condominium buildings named La Brisa and Noma, from developers Tiara Realty and Macly Group. La Brisa was erected in 2012 and Noma is scheduled to open by 2023.

Amid the taller buildings, his home definitely stands out.

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He said that he has had offers to sell the property for some years now, but he has resisted, as he loves their home.

“I turned the open space in front of the house into a garden. In addition to planting potted plants, raising angelfish and birds, I also sit here in the morning to see how the city wakes up,” he told the Chinese daily.

He added that finding such a property today would be impossible. Also, unlike other land leases in Singapore, his family will never have to give the property up.

“Other land leases may only be 99 years old, but this is a freehold land lease that belongs to us, and it also allows me to take care of the garden, no matter how much money the other party pays, I won’t sell it.”

In 2018, it was reported that Macly Group was buying five terraced houses in the area for a whopping S$20.55 million, which means that Mr Goh and his sister could have put away a tidy sum from the sale of their house.

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Coconuts Singapore reports that there is also another property owner at Guillemard Road/ Lorong 28 Geylang area who has refused to sell. It is currently in use as a private Buddhist prayer hall, open to the owner’s family and friends.

Why the owner has not sold the property is unknown to the caretaker of the prayer hall, which is not legally registered as a venue for worship gatherings.  —/TISG

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