A local Reddit user asked “Lazada 11.11: Do they actually decrease prices? What’s your experience?” on Tuesday (Nov 8).

Lazada 11.11 is the site’s biggest one-day sale, with many deals and discounts advertised that are reported to mean a lot of savings for buyers.

The Reddit user wanted to verify if this is indeed true, and other commenters on a thread on r/singapore were happy to oblige.

One was blunt and to the point, writing, “they don’t, I’ve kept watch on some products and it’s the same just shows the original price at a higher value, felt like it’s a scam.”

Others tended to agree.


One commenter acknowledged that some do, but many don’t.

Another Redditor spilt the tea, writing, “I’ve contacted a Lazada seller before, few days before a “sale”. We actually transacted off platform because the Lazada prices were higher due to impending “sales”.

However, another Redditor confirmed that non-local brands do have lower prices during the sale.

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Others confirmed that there are indeed cheaper items during the sale.

One wrote that the sale price of an item actually went up.

Our final verdict is, caveat emptor–let the buyer beware! /TISG


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