A woman took to social media in an attempt to find the person who’s been adding to the dirt in her surroundings.

Ms Penelope Chin appealed via the Complaint Singapore Facebook page for help on Wednesday (Sept 28) by asking one of her neighbours to stop throwing specific pieces of rubbish out of their window as it ends up in her surroundings.

If you have a relative or friend living at Blk 466 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 unit number 1016, I would appreciate if you could help to advise them not to throw out their hair, cigarette boxes, myojo sauce packets,” she wrote.

To the unfamiliar, the last item refers to the sauce packets that come with the popular instant ramen noodles from Myojo.

Ms Chin posted a photo of a large clump of hair on a mat outside her window.

“It is very disgusting to clear someone’s hair all the time. The chute in your home exists for a reason,” she added.

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Apparently, she’s not the only one who has had this experience with the high-rise litterer.

A netizen added in one comment that their neighbour had thrown a tea bag out, and advised Ms Chin to report the litterer via the OneService app.

Others gave suggestions as to other venues for reporting her neighbours, such as the Teck Ghee WhatsApp group or the National Environment Agency.

Netizens who experienced the same problem offered some very creative solutions to Ms Chin’s problem.

Other people seemingly have worse problems with high-rise litterers.

And when one netizen urged “tolerance,” Ms Chin answered back.


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