Singapore — A grand display of fireworks in the Redhill heartlands brought joy to many on Saturday evening (Aug 28), but unfortunately, not to everyone.

Some, who had no idea that they would be lit, were surprised by suddenly hearing loud noises the firecrackers made.

The display was part of a National Day Parade celebration, although untraditionally it came after the parade itself (but before the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally speech).

One Redditor was genuinely confused and asked why the fireworks were being lit. They also commented that “A LOT” of the firecrackers were going off at one point.

Videos of the fireworks were posted on YouTube.


Another Redditor said they got “a proper shock.” And what probably did not help was that the original poster said they could not find any information regarding an event featuring fireworks. 

This led others to wonder if it had been a private event, and if so, was that even legal.

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According to Shin Min Daily News, some alarmed residents even called the police.

The Chinese-language news site said that the fireworks were set off in a multi-storey car park at the roof deck of Block 37A Jalan Rumah Tinggi, and was part of the official celebrations. 

One resident said she saw people setting up a tent in the vicinity at noon on Saturday. They left around half an hour afterwards but returned by around 8:30 that evening for the fireworks show.

The display lasted around six minutes. /TISG

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